The most common issues that Pet Owners face today while taking care of their Companion Animals are related to Immunity, Digestion, Wound healing and Oral hygiene. Enzyme Supplements are the most natural & healthier solution for all these Problems.

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that act as biological catalysts. Like Humans, the complex biochemical reactions that make up digestion of food in Companion Animals are also regulated by thousands of enzymes, each promoting a specific reaction that takes place countless number of times every day.  Enzyme supplementation in companion animals can show numerous benefits, including aiding in the overall health and increasing nutritional utilization of the food given to them.
Digestive enzymes:
Most of the pet foods are heat processed, because of which  enzyme concentrations in the food itself can be significantly reduced.  For this reason, adding digestive enzymes to pet food will enhance absorption of nutrients. Enzymes are required to fully digest the food and most animals don’t have enough of the required enzymes to fully digest the food. These supplements typically contain enzymes such as alpha-amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease.
Systemic enzymes:
Also known as “metabolic” enzymes, these enzymes are used by the body to power a number of metabolic processes. Systemic enzyme formulas will contain a broad-spectrum of various enzymes.
Digestive enzymes only conduct their actions in the stomach to digest food while systemic enzymes are enterically coated to prevent contact with the stomach acid. This way they pass through the stomach into the intestines where they are absorbed in the bloodstream.
These systemic enzymes can help to:

  1. Maintain healthy immune functions
  2. Maintain healthy blood flow & circulation
  3. Maintain healthy joints
  4. Support normal, healthy temperature balance
  5. Assist with muscle soreness

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