Enzyme-based Inflammation Support For Cats & Dogs

Injured cats and dogs can all suffer from the same musculoskeletal and wound injuries that humans do. But unlike us, they lack the vocabulary to express their discomfort and have learned to endure a great amount of pain in the process. They may whimper or meow when unsettled and may even lose their appetite or vomit. After operations or surgical procedures, an animal’s body may take time to adjust and achieve the harmonious balance it had before and gradual healing needs to be supported.

Tissue repair and wound healing are complex processes that involve 4 stages viz. inflammatory stage, debridement stage, proliferation stage and maturation stage.  Certain factors which influence wound healing include bacterial infection, nutritional deficiency, sterility, movement of wound edges, site of wound, etc and need to be taken care of.

EXCLzyme-Pet can be used during wound healing for anti-inflammatory effect with minimal side-effects. In addition, it helps to reduce edema and ease out the pain. It is a composite oral formulation containing proteolytic enzymes such as Bromelain & Papain along with Rutin.
Available Forms: Tablets, Capsules
Immunomodulatory Enzyme Supplement for companion animals
Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases in companion animals can have a negative impact on the animal’s health and welfare. Pet health experts believe that using supplements and/or products which strengthen the body’s own immune system and function can help these conventional treatments work faster, reduce the impact of any symptoms and prevent future diseases.
Immu-Pet is a combination of bioactive enzymes Lactoferrin and Lysozyme which works to lessen impact of infection, provides immunity and intestinal protection . Lysozyme in combination with Lactoferrin, as in Immu-Pet, works synergistically such that Lactoferrin damages the outer membrane of bacteria thereby increasing penetration of Lysozyme.  This makes Immu-Pet effective and potent against a wide range of infections.
Available Forms: Tablets, Capsules

Natural De-worming Supplement for companion animals
Intestinal parasites are a fact of life with pets. Nearly all pets are born with them, and have small amounts of worms. As long as the numbers remain small, most healthy pets will be completely asymptomatic.
There are many different types of worms that can affect pets, including tapeworms, heartworms, roundworms and whipworms. The efficacies of conventional medicaments against both endo and ecto-parasitic diseases have been reported with variable success. But pets get frequently reinfected within days of being dewormed & chemical de-wormer can be given once or twice a year.
However the toxic effects of chemicals de-wormers and the development of resistance to it by target parasites, as well as high cost of drugs pave way for natural remedies as reasonable alternative. ParaSEB-Pet can be a safe and effective de-worming supplement for a number of different intestinal parasites or other worm infections.
ParaSEB-Pet is a vegetative systematic enzyme formulation that helps reinforce the body’s optimal balance of gastro-intestine system and control the parasites. ParaSEB-Pet is composed of proteolytic enzyme such as Papain along with beneficial probiotics such as lactic acid producing bacteria.
Available Forms: Tablets, Capsules
Natural Enzymatic Oral & Dental Hygiene Gel
Pet’s dental care should be a lifelong priority for all pet owners. After pet finishes a meal, tiny food particles combine with bacteria to form plaque. Plaque, if not removed, eventually hardens into calculus or tartar, and can ultimately lead to periodontal disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease is the single greatest cause of health problems in pets.  Statistics show that 8 out of 10 dogs over the age of three are affected with dental problems.
Routine home dental care is important to keep pet’s teeth healthy along with professional “dental cleanings”. Simply brushing food debris from the teeth and gum-line cannot completely assure reduction of plaques, tartar build-up, periodontal disease and bad breath. Use of GumSEB-Pet gel regularly helps control these symptoms before they become a problem.
GumSEB-Pet gel is a Dental hygiene product for dogs and cats. Enzymes & proteins in GumSEB-Pet gel help to clean teeth and freshen breath by acting on harmful bacteria. It contains Lysozyme & Lactoferrin which helps break down plaque and tartar buildup. GumSEB-Pet gel helps to boost pet's own natural oral protection by controlling halitosis and eliminating harmful bacteria.
Available Forms: Gel

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