Corporate Profile

Advanced Vital Enzymes Pvt. Ltd. (Advenza) is engaged in the research and delivery of enzyme based Finished Formulations for Human & Animal Nutrition. Advenza has adopted a business model where it develops & produces quality enzyme supplements and partners with Nutrition & Consumer Healthcare Companies globally to help bring them to Market through private Labelling.

The vision to form Advenza has its roots in the vision of our group founder, late Mr. L. C. Rathi. He had set-up India's first natural enzyme plant way back in 1958 and is hailed as the pioneer of this industry in India.

Advenza was born in 2005 when a gap was identified in the formulations market. Years of serving the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industry globally, helped the promoters understand that there was a big vacuum in the industry when it came to enzyme-based finished formulations. The formulations available in the market were often found to be of poor quality and were often not as stable as desired. Realising that there was a need for a quality manufacturer of enzyme formulations, Advenza was formally launched in 2008 to fulfill this need and a finished formulations unit in Vapi, Gujurat was acquired in 2009. With a state-of-the-art product development centre at Mumbai,India and a manufacturing unit located at Vapi,Gujarat, Advenza has the capability to develop and produce a wide range of stable enzyme formulations in various dosage forms such as Tablets ( swallowable, chewable, dispersible) , Capsules, Dry Syrups, Liquids & Gels. Today, Advenza is synonymous with Quality and is well recognised by the Indian healthcare industry as a manufacturer of Innovative, Unique and Stabilized enzyme formulations.

We truly believe that " Enzyme is Life". We have realised that enzymes are vital to any life form and naturally to humans. This scientifically supported belief has translated into an opportunity for us to serve the people of India and the World by bringing various benefits of enzymes to the masses, partnering with Nutrition & Consumer Healthcare companies. Having manufactured enzymes for more than 4 decades, we are best placed and positioned to accomplish this task. Advenza will continue to focus on providing Unique, Innovative and Quality enzyme solutions to its clientele.