Research & Development

Advenza has an ultra-modern Research Centre,based at Thane, India, and is well-equipped to develop superior quality oral dosage forms. The centre is well recognised by regulatory authorities like DSIR and is also certified with ISO 9001:2008.
Advenza has a dedicated team of scientists, working on new inventions and formulations. The product development and research division always keeps a glance on changing needs of healthcare market to produce innovative, enzyme-based, natural and side-effect-free product.
We take a lot of pride in our product portfolio, which contains many comprehensive enzyme-based formulations which cater to various indications. Our developed products not only have excellent shelf life stability but depending on their need, are available in various dosage forms such as Tablets ( Swallowable, Chewable, Dispersible) , Capsules, Liquids, Gels and Dry Syrups.
Some of our novel supplements for Human Nutrition include:
  1. Immune boosting supplements for a healthy immune response
  2. Digestive supplements for diary intolerance and gluten relief
  3. Anti-inflammatory support for faster wound healing
  4. Fibronolytic support for healthy circulation
In addition to above, we also have some novel solutions for Animal Nutrition & Health:
  1. Natural enzymatic Dewormer for ruminants & companion animals
  2. Gum gel for oral hygiene of companion animals
  3. Natural enzymatic immune booster for milk-yielding ruminants
Advenza's Research Centre is continuously striving to develop a superior product line to meet today's consumer's requirements. With the help of ultra modern centre, equipped with the latest technologies, Advenza's Research Team is poised to bring world class healthcare products in enzyme therapy.