An Enzyme Supplement for wound healing in ruminants
Tissue repair and wound healing are complex processes that involve 4 stages viz. inflammatory stage, debridement stage, proliferation stage and maturation stage.  Certain factors which influence wound healing include bacterial infection, nutritional deficiency, sterility, movement of wound edges, site of wound, etc and need to be taken care of.  NSAIDS are usually administered to take care of the inflammation and pain.
Proteolytic enzymefs help to reduce the pain response that appears to arise from two mechanisms. First, the enzymes aid in neutralizing inflammatory mediators, such as the koninis and prostaglandins, which stimulate nerve pain receptors. Second, by promoting the breakdown of plasma proteins and immune complexes and stimulating phagocytosis, the edema and associated pain (due to fluid pressure) is also supported.
EXCLzyme-BV is a composite oral formulation containing proteolytic enzymes such as Bromelain and Papain along with Rutin. It can be used during wound healing for anti-inflammatory effect with minimal side-effects. In addition, it helps to reduce edema and ease out the pain.
Available Forms: Bolus
Novel Blend of Enzymes for control of Helminth infections
Helminths are recognized as a major constraint to livestock production. Worm infestations can cause morbidity and mortality resulting in severe monetary losses. Helminthiasis can cause non-specific clinical signs such as un-thriftiness, inactivity, depressed appetite and retarded growth rate, eventually ending in death.
There are a limited number of drugs available and the ones developed are expensive.  Sometimes use of these drugs in sub-optimal doses makes the population resistant to the same.  Since there is stagnation in the development of conventional medicine, it is worthwhile to propose novel alternatives such as polyenzyme formulations.
ParaSEB-BV is a vegetative systemic enzyme formulation that helps reinforce the body’s optimal balance of gastro-intestine system and control the parasites. ParaSEB-BV is composed of proteolytic enzyme such as Papain along with beneficial probiotics such as lactic acid producing bacteria.
Available Forms: Bolus

Enhanced  Vitamin Supplement for Cattle
Vitamin deficiency is quite widespread in cattle but underestimated since sub-clinical deficiencies remain unnoticed for long periods. Vitamins help the cattle to built a strong immune system.
Enzymes are natural catalysts with high specificity for different chemical reactions within cells. Trapped nutrients in the ingested feed can be made available enzymatically, improving its nutritive value and efficiency and enhancing its digestibility. A synergistic combination of vitamins ‘plus’ enzymes blend plays a vital role in enhancing and improving  all major functions of the body like metabolic processes, digestion, hormone synthesis and blood and tissue formation.
BoviPar is a blend of digestive enzymes with vitamins, can be used to improve feed absorption & assimilation. It assures optimum utilization of in-feed nutrients and vitamin supplementation.
Available Forms: Bolus
Enzyme-based solution for Ruminal Digestive Support
Around the world, forages are used as a unique feed source for ruminants due to their abundance and
low cost. However, their availability and quality are not constant throughout the year. Moreover, the digestion of forages in the rumen is relatively slow and incomplete, limiting animal performance and increasing feed cost of livestock production.
The enzyme preparations  for ruminants are evaluated primarily on the basis of their capacity to degrade plant cell walls and break down dietary energy sources, one of the major activities of rumen micro-organisms. In high producing ruminants, fiber and non starch polysaccharides digestion is often impaired due to low ruminal pH and exogemous enzymes can have a beneficial effect. Recent studies indicated that, adding digestive enzymes to ruminant diets improved nutrient digestibility, growth rate and milk production.
Digestive enzymes improve forage utilization and productive efficiency of ruminants and adding enzymes to high-concentrate diets give more consistent results than with high-roughage diets, which in-turn improve animal performance can be attributed mainly to improvements in ruminal fiber digestion resulting in an increase of digestible energy intake.
Moreover, fibrolytic enzymes were more effective when added to either concentrate or roughage portion of diets in early lactation period. These enzymes increased milk yield by 6 to 16% in Lactating dairy cows.

CombiSEB Vet is a composite formula containing Saccharomyces boulardii, Papain, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus sporogenes and amino acids ideal for taking care of Ruminal disorders. CombiSEB Vet supplemented diets, with fiber degrading action, has potential to improve feed utilization as well as production performance in ruminants.
Available Forms: Bolus
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