About Advenza

Advenza is one of the leading multi enzyme and probiotic solution provider in India with high quality backed with scientific research aimed to improve the health and wellness natural way. We are 20 years old company striving to serve Unique, Innovative and Quality enzyme and custom probiotics solutions with guaranteed stability and viability to its clientele.
With a state-of-the-art Innovation Center at Mumbai, India and a manufacturing unit located at Vapi, Gujarat. Advenza specializes in crafting stable and effective formulations in the Nutraceuticals and Health Supplements domains, with a strong focus on Enzymes, Probiotics and Herbal Extracts. Our state-of-the-art Fermentation facility is dedicated to serving the Probiotic needs of our customers - be it single strains, bulk blends, or finished products. Our wide-ranging formulations are available in diverse forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Drops, Shots, Stick Packs and Suspension Vials, providing a versatile selection of dosage forms & packaging formats, thus enabling us to be a one-stop shop for our clients.