Customized Blends

Customization Process

Formulating a successful enzyme and/or probiotic-based supplement requires in-depth expertise and experience in working with these components. It's essential to possess specialized knowledge to create a blend that harmoniously combines ingredients while being cautious about avoiding elements that could diminish their effectiveness.

At Advenza, our team is exceptionally proficient in the precise handling of Probiotics and Enzymes. Our dedicated research and development unit devotes substantial resources to developing technologies that seamlessly integrate with and enhance the functionality of our enzyme and probiotic-based supplements.

Why Customize?

The demand for supplements tailored to specific health conditions is steadily rising. We recognize that your product range caters to a diverse audience encompassing various age groups, cultural backgrounds, eating preferences, and dietary restrictions. While a comprehensive digestive enzyme formula can appeal to a broad audience, you might be considering a specialized formula for individuals with dietary sensitivities like lactose or gluten intolerance. Additionally, you may be interested in offering a product that provides systemic advantages, such as supporting heart health or reducing inflammation.

At Advenza, we firmly oppose the idea of a one-size-fits-all product formulation. Our commitment lies in assisting you to create a formulation that precisely aligns with the specific performance benefits your customers are searching for.

How to Customize?

Advenza specializes in offering tailored blends. Our team of specialists is ready to collaborate with you, offering the support and advice required to transform your product idea into a tangible product. Feel free to reach out, by giving us a call or filling out the form below to initiate contact. Our customization services follow a structured process:

  • We begin by engaging in a product consultation to thoroughly understand your application requirements.
  • Advenza also provides you with the option to customize the types and quantities of probiotic strains and enzymes based on your specific quantitative needs. We recommend the appropriate probiotic strains, enzymes & other ingredients for your application as per your requirements.
  • Our team of scientists determines the optimal ratio and formulation of the Probiotics, Enzymes and other ingredients.
  • Our team ensures that the products are properly configured for manufacturing post a thorough review from our quality assurance, regulatory departments.
  • Custom Blends FAQs
    Yes, it will be our pleasure to provide guidance and share our experience & insights, accumulated over a number of years.
    No, As long as the final products are procured from Advenza, Advenza does not charges customers for Product Development.
    Yes, there may be a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for a customised product, however that is determined on a case-to-case basis, and your relationship manager shall be able to provide you those details. We are very flexible though, and strive to offer bare minimum MOQs, so that we can support your innovation journey, to the best extent possible.
    Yes, Advenza does provide documentation support on a case to case basis, provided minimum business volume requirements are met.
    Yes, Advenza definitely provides samples for clinical trials, however they would be chargeable, and pricing would be determined on a case to case basis.

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