Suspension Vials / Ampoules

Why Suspension Vials/Ampoules?

Suspension Vials/Ampoules are commonly used in the supplements and healthcare industries for storing and delivering various types of sensitive medications and supplements. Following are the benefits of Suspension Vials/Ampoules:
• Hermetic Seal: Ampoules are sealed containers that provide an excellent barrier against external contaminants and maintain the sterility of the contents. This makes them suitable for storing and delivering sensitive medications and supplements.
• Tamper-Proof: Ampoules are tamper-proof, as they need to be broken to access the contents. This ensures the integrity of the product and prevents tampering.
• Accurate Dosage: Ampoules typically contain pre-measured doses of medication, making it easy to ensure accurate dosing.
• Long Shelf Life: The hermetic seal of ampoules helps extend the shelf life of the contents by protecting them from degradation due to exposure to air, light, or moisture.
• Sturdy Construction: Our Ampoules are made of LDP,E which is inert and doesn't react with most medications, ensuring the purity and stability of the contents.

Our Products which can be delivered in Suspension Vials/Ampoule form:

Our Bacillus Clausii is available in convenient liquid Vials/Ampoules that are ready to drink, making it suitable for people of all ages. It is tasteless, odourless and colourless, making it a preferred choice for children while remaining beneficial for everyone.
Bacillus Clausii is a friendly bacterium naturally found in the gut, which can turn unhappy tummies into happy ones. This bacterium maintains a healthy relationship with the body, ensuring there are no side effects or significant issues. It forms a symbiotic connection with the host organism, creating a mutually beneficial situation for both.

Key Features:

• Maintains the appropriate balance of gut flora
• Restores internal bacterial balance, enhancing immunity
• Addresses the root causes of digestive issues, such as diarrhea
• Helps in balancing the production and assimilation of vitamins
• Effectively manages Antibiotic associated diarrhea

Our 5ml Suspension Vials/Ampoule contains 2 billion spores of Bacillus Clausii

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