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Probiotic Solutions for Aquaculture

Aquaculture has witnessed significant growth over the past two decades in india and APAC region, driven by the increasing demand for seafood, especially marine fish and shrimps etc. This expansion, while contributing to food production and economic development, has raised concerns about its environmental impact and disease outbreaks. Disease outbreaks have emerged as a major impediment to the aquaculture sector's progress. We at Advenza team has a innovated the plethora of healthcare supplements products and solutions caters to various aquatic species, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future for aquaculture while addressing critical health and environmental concerns.
Water and Soil Probiotics
Feed Supplements
Treatment Probiotic Product
Ammonia Reducer
Mineral Supplements
Water Treatment Chemicals
Hatchery Probiotics

Application Support Services

Our team at Advenza highly skilled application team provides all essential and preliminary efforts on new product development and R&D project trails using extensive knowledge and market trends. We are pioneered in serving special ingredients and finished formation supplements for fish and shrimps which can lead to improvement in performance and efficiency for several species of fish and other marine animal.
Market Sample Analysis for probiotics
Finished Formulation Analysis for probiotics

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